code assembly and repair

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch


Slick Score
v 1.3.2
A smooth and simple way to score baseball games on your iPad®

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Game Help
  • Purchase select games for download, ready to score with rosters and lineups
  • Share players across teams to build all-star or other mixed squads
  • Tap on boxes in landscape mode to enlarge them for easier viewing


Tumble Rumble
v 1.1

Keep the Tumbler factory running! The A.I. won't keep the collectors aligned so you must do so until repairs are effected. Can you reach level 30 on the hardest setting? OF COURSE YOU CANNOT<#THREAD NOPROC350>

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  • Continue from your last level up to five times before getting sent back to level 1
  • In-app purchases of more continues if you just can't wait
  • Buy tools you're short of
What's My WatchWord?
v 1.2
Reveal your opponent's WatchWord while protecting your own in this cryptic twist on classic Hangman

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Game Help
  • Play the Word of the Day for bonus runes
  • Other UI Improvements

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