GutShot House Rules

The Table

GutShot is for you and 1-3 friends. In your iMessage conversation, create a new game () and send the message to invite them in

Players are seated in the order they joined the game. They get a matching emoji "Poker Face" to identify them at the table and in the iMessage history

The Deal

The creator of the game is the big blind in the first round. Markers (Ⓓ, Ⓢ, or Ⓑ) identify the button and the blinds

The creator of the game also deals the first cards. The player with the button deals after that

GutShot uses the simplified button rule, so blinds will be missed as players bust out

The Bets

Players start with a stake of 1000 every game

The game begins with 5/10 blinds that increase every hand

To expedite play, bets and raises are limited to a few typical amounts, including all-in ()

When a player goes all in, GutShot makes side pots for those still in the hand. Tap the pot to cycle through them

The Game

Expand the view () to see the full table and choose an action

Your best hand is built and highlighted automatically

If you finish with the same hand as another player and have the best kicker, it is also highlighted. If the kickers are equal you split the pot

The Details

You can only play one game of GutShot at a time. Games are marked with tokens (♣♣ etc.) so you can tell them apart

The game is saved when you deal or bet, before you send your play to your friends

If necessary, remind your friends who has the action by tapping your Poker Face

When a friend sends their bet, a sound matching their Poker Face plays to let you know

GutShot games are like any other iMessage conversation - you will keep getting messages even after you bust out unless you leave the conversation or activate Do Not Disturb

Reload () the game if the server times out or you want to check on the state of play

Completed games are removed from the GutShot server after 24 hours. Incomplete games are removed after one week