Manage Your Teams


Swipe right or tap the Options button at top left to open the Options Panel. Tap Manage Teams under the Team Options section to reach the Manage Teams Panel. Teams are grouped by league. If you have purchased any Roster Downloads, those teams have (downloaded) following the name.

Delete a Team

You can delete a team in two ways:
You cannot delete teams playing the current game (marked by ) or any saved games. You will have to delete the games first

When you delete a team, the players are marked as Unaffiliated, just as though you deleted them one at a time

If you delete a team whose roster download you purchased, you can restore during the free update period, after which time you must pay again. See Roster Downloads for more details

Edit a Team

Tap a team to open the Manage Teams Panel and make changes.

You cannot edit either team playing the current game (marked by )

Edit Name, Color, League, or Ballpark

You cannot change any of these items except color for teams you have downloaded with an in-app purchase. If you do change the color, keep in mind that the limited palette in SlickScore may prevent you from recovering it

Manage the Roster

See Make a New Team for details on changing your players and adding new ones. Also note the following:

Remove Players

As with deleting teams, you can remove players in two ways:

Players that you remove from the roster are not deleted, but marked as Unaffiliated.

Roster Updates

If you purchased the roster download for this team and are still in the free update period, you can perform the update by pulling down to refresh. SlickScore will inform you when the update is complete (or if a problem occurred).

Unaffiliated Players

Below the players on the roster, you may see a list of players under Unaffiliated Players. Tap any player marked with a (+) to move that player to the roster.

If you purchased the roster download for this team, keep in mind that any roster changes you make may be overwritten the next time you perform an update

SlickScore looks through unaffiliated players first when adding players via roster updates. If it finds an unaffiliated player with the right name and number, it will move that player to the roster rather that creating a new player. Similarly, it marks players no longer on the roster as unaffiliated

You cannot make any changes to unaffiliated players until you add them to a roster

Change the Preferred Lineup

See Make a New Team for details on editing the lineup.

Tap OK to save your changes, or go back to the Manage Teams panel to discard them.