Start a New Game

Choose Teams

Swipe right or tap the Options button at top left to open the Options Panel. Tap New Game under the Game Options section. Tap the Visitors (top) and Home (bottom) slots to select teams for the game. When you have chosen your teams, tap Lineups to continue to the Lineup Panel.

Once you create a game, SlickScore remembers the last teams to play and places them in the Visitors and Home slots. Tap them to swap in new teams

The Designated Hitter switch will be set to match the home team automatically. However, you can change it if you like

Set a Game Lineup

Change the lineups for each team here. If you set preferred lineups when you created the teams, they will already be in place. You can make the same changes as described in Set a Preferred Lineup:

Once your lineups are correct, tap OK to start scoring!

Although a game may allow the DH, it is not required. If you have the unusual situation of either or both teams choosing not to use the DH, you will be asked whether you want to continue without it