Make a New Team


SlickScore comes loaded with two dummy teams to play with. If you want to get started with them, see Start a New Game. Otherwise, swipe right or tap the Options button at top left to open the Options Panel. Tap New Team under the Team Options section to start filling in the information about your team.

Choose Name, Color, League, and Home Field

Only one team with a given name is allowed in a league

Fill out a Roster

From the New Team Panel tap Roster. SlickScore generates dummy players (Player 0, Player 1, etc.) at each position as a starting point. To add your own players quickly, tap a dummy player at the same position and just change the name. You can also tap New Player and enter the information from scratch. Put the name and number into the boxes, and tap the current position to change if necessary. Select the new position from the popup, and tap OK to finish creating the player. Continue until you have added all your players and then tap New Team at the top left to return to the New Team Panel. You can set a preferred lineup now, or tap OK to save your team and return to the Options Panel.

Use the new search bar at the top of the roster to more quickly hunt down unaffiliated players to add

Two players on a team may not share both a name and a number

You cannot save your roster changes unless you have at least one player at each position

The DH position is not available for players in a league that does not use it. You will assign the DH for games visiting a DH-league team when setting a lineup for those games. See Set a Game Lineup

Set a Preferred Lineup

SlickScore sets a preferred lineup at the same time it generates the dummy roster. A preferred lineup is used to simplify setting up a new game, but it is not required. Tap Preferred Lineup to open the Lineup Panel. You will see a typical lineup built from your roster. From here you can make several changes:

When you are finished with your lineup changes, tap OK to save them and return to the New Team Panel. From there, either make further changes or save your new team by tapping OK again.

The lineup must include a player for each position

SlickScore uses the substitute button () everywhere you can take that action. You will see it when setting the lineups for a game and in the on-deck circle on the field

When setting the lineup for a team in a DH-league, the DH cannot be placed in the final non-batting spot in the order (marked by a - instead of a number)

Share Players

Turn on Share Players to allow copying players on other teams, useful for building All-Star and other mixed squads. If you delete this team later, the shared players will also be deleted rather than becoming unaffiliated. The setting becomes permanent once you save the team.