SlickScore Options

Play Sounds

By default, SlickScore plays sound effects for additional feedback while you score a game. Tap the Play Sounds switch to disable/re-enable playing the sounds.

Show Names

By default, SlickScore displays the names of players in the field or on base. If you find the field a little cluttered as a result, tap the Show Fielder Names or Show Baserunner Names switch to disable/re-enable displaying the names.

Field Color

By default, SlickScore draws a typical grass-and-dirt field, but also provides other color schemes that may be easier to read under different lighting conditions. Paper is an inverted brown and tan look. Blueprint has a look similar to its namesake. Low Light uses red on black. Tap the color combo you like best.

The scoreboard, balls and strikes buttons, fielders, and baserunners are not affected by changes in field color at this time. They may clash with your preferred scheme