Make a Substitution


You will need to track the manager's moves to get an accurate scorecard. This section leads you through the steps.

The substitute button () at the top of each on-deck circle starts any sub. Tapping either pops up that team's lineup and allows various player substitutions as outlined below.

You cannot change the batting order for either side in a game

Once a player is subbed for, he is out of the game and cannot be subbed back in. You cannot currently change or undo a sub once it has been performed

Tap OK to save the changes to the lineup

If you err while making substitutions, tap anywhere outside the popup to dismiss it with no changes

On Defense

On defense, you can make two different changes for any player in the lineup:

Double Switch

A manager in a game that does not feature a DH might make a double switch late in the game when a pitcher is due to bat early in the next half-inning. A good batter will go into the pitcher's spot in the lineup, and a new pitcher will replace a fielder. To make a double switch in SlickScore:
  1. Tap the substitute button next to the pitcher to see the roster, then tap the fielder who is to replace him
  2. Tap the substitute button next to the fielder to see the roster, then tap the pitcher who is to replace him

On Offense

On offense, only the batter and baserunners may be subbed for. The batter is marked (●) and highlighted; tap the substitute button to pick a pinch hitter for him. Baserunners are marked with the base they occupy (① etc.); tap the substitute button to pick pinch runners for them.

Use the new search bar at the top of the roster to speed up substitutions. You cannot sub in unaffiliated players

Although a game may allow the DH, it is not required. If you have the unusual situation of either or both teams choosing not to use the DH, you will be asked whether you want to continue without it

Offensive substitutions are marked with their role (PH or PR) instead of a position in the popup

After an offensive sub, you may have to adjust the field positions of the players when they move to defense. For example, if you pinch hit a left fielder for a right fielder, the lineup will feature two left fielders and no right fielder. A position lacking a player will have "..." as the name to indicate that it needs your attention. You will not be able to interact with that position until it is filled