Roster Downloads

About Roster Downloads

Find the manual entry of players tedious? Roster Downloads are in-app purchases that allow you to load the rosters for Major League teams into SlickScore. You can also request free roster updates for a limited time after your initial purchase. To begin, swipe right or tap the Options button at top left to open the Options Panel. Tap Roster Downloads under the Team Options section.

If instead of Download Rosters you see Enable In-App Purchases to Download Rosters, go to Settings -> General -> Restrictions on your device and make sure In-App Purchases are turned on

Read Disclaimers

Before you download any rosters, you will need to agree to the conditions presented under Disclaimers. They explain what your purchase gets you and any limits on it.

Download Your Rosters

The Roster Downloads panel lists the available teams, sorted by league and division. Find the team or teams you are interested in and tap Download to begin purchasing roster downloads for the indicated price. SlickScore will create the appropriate league as well as the team if they do not yet exist. Leagues are grouped by division for convenience; for example, teams in the National League West will reside in a league named "MLB - NL West".

When SlickScore indicates it has finished, you'll find the team and its new or updated roster under the Manage Teams panel.

If the download fails or is corrupted, please contact support. However, please note, as described under Disclaimers, that SlickScore does not guarantee accuracy with regard to player data.

If no teams appear or they are all offline, there may have been a temporary interruption in internet connectivity. Pull down to have SlickScore try again to load the team list

If you download the roster for a team you already created on your own, your version will be moved to the new league (provided the two teams have identical names)

When a roster is updated, new players may be added and old players removed. If a new player's name and number matches an Unaffiliated player, that player will be moved to the team's roster. Similarly, players who are removed will become Unaffiliated just as though you deleted them yourself

Occasionally you might see a player with number "--", which means they have not yet been assigned a number by their team. If they get a number by the next time you download the roster, it will replace the dashes

If SlickScore sees an Unaffiliated player with the same name as a player being added, it takes a chance and moves that player to the team (with whatever number he has in the download). It does not attempt to wrest such a player from another team, instead creating a new one, so you may end up with multiple copies of players

SlickScore uses the active (25-man) rosters for each team

Download Status

You will see one of three indicators to the left of each team: Meanwhile, the button at the right reflects the status of the downloads: Finally, you can tap a team to pop up further details.


Before you purchase any roster downloads, please read the following conditions. If you agree with them, tap Agree below and proceed. Otherwise tap Cancel.

Your in-app purchase entitles you to an initial download of one team's active roster, plus one month of free updates. After one month, further updates will require an additional purchase. Each purchase entitles you to another month of updates starting at the previous expiration date or the new purchase date, whichever comes later

Any rosters you purchase remain on your device after the month of updates expires. If you delete the team from SlickScore, delete SlickScore and later re-install it, or load SlickScore on a new device, you can restore the rosters as long as the update window has not expired. After that time, a new purchase will be required

You must initiate roster updates using the standard "pull to refresh" mechanism (see Manage Teams). SlickScore does not provide automatic updates at this time

SlickScore provides these downloads for your fun and convenience in scoring games. SlickScore will attempt to refresh rosters every day during the regular season, but circumstances may delay or prevent such efforts without warning. Updates in the off season will be few and irregular. Errors of transcription (misspellings, incorrect player numbers, etc.); of inclusion (players on the wrong team); or of exclusion (players mistakenly omitted) may occur. No guarantee of timeliness or accuracy is expressed or implied

The developer is in no way affiliated with Major League Baseball, its players or subsidiaries. Only publicly available facts are presented by this app; the appearance of league, team, and player names does not imply their endorsement