Playing the Game



Reveal your opponent's WatchWord by building words that have letters in common with it. Words also score which you can spend on letters you need or other items.



WatchWords are generated randomly when the game begins.

⚁ ⚄


Your WatchWord

Your opponent's WatchWord. Swipe left or right to switch between them


Letter Bank

You and your opponent start with your own random banks of letters. One letter carries a bonus to score extra .

You Opponent

TIP: Both players start with at least one of each letter. Each player gets the same number of the bonus letter


Build Words

Tap letters in the outer ring to build your word. Tap to get a new set of letters


ᚠ 3

Tap letters to return them to your bank, or swipe right to play your word and collect

Tap to unlock and arrange the letters. You cannot play the word until you tap again to lock the letters

NOTE: You cannot play your own WatchWord or any words that have already been played. You may not play invalid words unless your game is at the Pro difficulty level. Invalid words earn no and reveal no letters!

TIP: What's My WatchWord uses public-domain word lists: the popular English list ENABLE and a modified Spanish list from the University of Michigan

When you play a word, the letters move from your letter bank to your opponent's.

You Word Opponent
A 1 ➡︎ 0 A 2 ➡︎ 3
H 2 ➡︎ 1 H 1 ➡︎ 2