Starting Up


Game Center

A Game Center account is required to play What's My WatchWord. If you do not have one, or are logged out, a Game Center log-in screen will appear when you start the app. Create an account or log in from there to continue.


New Game

Tap + to start a new game


Select a difficulty and tap

Difficulty Levels

WatchWord Length4-65-86-97-12
Spin Always Has Vowels
Invalid Words Blocked
Words Sent to Apple Watch201050

NOTE: After you accept a difficulty level, the Game Center screen will appear to let you pick a friend to challenge or allow auto-matching. When you complete the matching process the new game will start

NOTE: What's My WatchWord is available in U.S. English and Mexican Spanish - a new game uses the language and region settings of your iPhone. You cannot start a game in another language, but you can accept a game against a friend if their iPhone uses it


Game in Progress

Select a game and tap

NOTE: Each player has seven days to complete their turn. If you do not play a word in time, your opponent gets to go again!